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I love projects. I love making ugly things pretty again. I love searching and searching for a way to make something beautiful without spending lots of money. This all started because of a budget but quickly turned into a passion!
I have an amazing husband (Mark) who often gets pulled in to help me with my crazy projects. Sometimes he tries to resist, especially if it involves painting something that's wood (it's a little game we play). ;) I am one very blessed girl. God has given me more than I could have ever dreamed of. Thanks for stopping by! Let's make something beautiful on a budget together!

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    I'm a writer with LittleThings.com, and I recently came across this great tutorial. I think our readers will find it really clever and useful, too, and with your permission, I'd like to feature it in an article. I'm sorry to reach out to you on this blog if it's not the best way to get in touch.

    The article would feature photos of the project's steps, along with links back to your website and/or social media.

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    You can reach out to me directly at laura@littlethings.com is you have any questions or concerns.

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