Saturday, April 26, 2014

Make Packing Lunch Easy! No Pantry - No Problem!

Y'all, sometimes the simplest things make life SO much easier!  This is hardly a DIY project.  It's more like something that I did years ago just to make life a little more organized and easy.  About 7 years ago I was trying to loose weight I started taking my lunch and snacks everyday to work.  I would go grocery shopping on Sunday and plan out my lunches, snacks and dinners for the whole week.  I would put all of my snacks in little baggies to make sure my portion sizes were correct.  That's how I came up with this idea.  I found it was a lot easier to have everything displayed and easily seen then stuffed into a basket. 

Fast forward to now and I have an amazing husband that I get to pack lunch for everyday!  I don't have a pantry at our house but our laundry room is attached to the kitchen and this is what I use to keep all of his snack stuff for his lunches!

Snack Solution
I go grocery shopping and come home and take about an hour to go through and put everything into little snack size baggies when I get home.  Then each night when I pack his lunch I can do it in record time!  It's a great way to save time! 
All I did was pick up a Shoe Organizer (you can get this at Target or Walmart; maybe even the Dollar Tree) and lots of sandwich baggies.  Then just take the time to put all of your chips and cookies into the baggies and you have a great snack system!  Just make sure when you get your organizer that it has see through pockets so that you can see your snacks! 
Anything that doesnt fit into my snack organizer I just keep in a little basket! 
What about you?  What are some organizing timesavers that you have?  I would love to hear your ideas!  


  1. What a genius idea! My kids are grown but I will be forwarding this to family who still have young ones at home.. As for us , what a great way to portion control the snacks!

    1. Thank you! Yes, we need a little portion control, we like to eat in this house! ;)