Friday, May 9, 2014

Pegboard For Baby Boy Nelson

Let me start off with this, I'm so stealing this idea from my sister (Ashley) when me and Mark have a baby one day!  She did this in Baby Boy Nelson's room and I thought it was so creative and cute that I had to share!  It was a super easy project that didn't take much time at all!  Easy!

She purchased a plain pegboard and one night we spray painted it gray.  After it dried she just nailed on all of these cute little things!  How easy and precious is that?!  She is planning on using the baskets to hold diapers and wipes because this is conveniently located right above the dresser/changing table.  There are also clips on the top that could hold pictures as well.  Seriously it doesn't get any easier than this project! 

I think this is a cute addition to a baby's room but could also work in an office or craft room too!

What creative uses do you have for pegboard?  I would love to hear your ideas!

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