Saturday, May 24, 2014

Serving Tray's...Not Just For Serving

At least 3 days out of each week I run into Goodwill just to see if there is anything I must have.  Mark loves that my favorite place to shop is Goodwill, it's great for our budget.  :)  There is one thing that I have such a hard time walking away from and they always have them...Serving Trays!  Most of the time they are brown wood that has a few scratches, not a problem for me because I'm going to paint them anyway!  Gosh I love them.  I use them everywhere in my house and the best part is they are usually only $.99 or $1.99! 

Here is one that I keep on my Kitchen counter.  I think it just makes everything look a little more clean and put together.  Yes, I know I have a crazy amount of Kitchen gadgets...I like them too.  ;)  This one was just a brown wood piece when I purchased it and of course I didn't take any before pictures...ugh.  Just a little white spray paint and it looks as good as new!  Please ignore the beautiful gold countertops (sigh) a Kitchen makeover will be here by the end of Summer.  I just have to have patience until then. 

This one I keep on my desk in the Office I mean Parlor.  ;)  It was a gold color before but I thought that white went really well with the gray top of my desk.  Just a little something to hold paperwork and such. 

This beauty is actually metal that of course I painted.  It is also in the Parlor, it sits on top of a small little ottoman (that was also a Goodwill find for $7 brand new with tags from Target) in between the painted chairs

So the next time you are browsing your local Goodwill or Thrift Shop and you see a ugly serving tray, pick it up!  There are a million different ways to use them. 

Have a good idea for using a serving tray?  Please share, I would love to find a way justify buying more!  ;) 

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